Lifehouse is defining what it means to live in your house for life.

Lifehouse meets needs that are not currently being met by the conventional housing market. Our revolutionary care model combines holistic medical care and universal design to create a unique healing environment. All of us are shaped and transformed by the environmnt we live in, and are naturally influenced by the people around us. Lifehouse simplifies the complex health care system into two parts - Home Care and Care Homes - now our community members can age in place and live at home for life.

Why do we care?

Because care is something every person needs. At Lifehouse, we believe there are two key aspects of care - people and environment. As we strive to build strong communities it is important we consider both. When we plug holistic medical care into a specialized healing environment naturally we produce a unique healing opportunity. By connecting our communities to care - Lifehouse is having a massive impact our health care standards, and drastically altering our society's perspective on aging.

Lifehouse is piloting a new solution to our medical care crisis.

How do we care?

Lifehouse grows care in the community. Our Care Home's are a sanctuary you can call home while you require 24/7 care. If your care requirements are less, you have the option to schedule care in your own home. In order to provide specialized care, personally tailored to the individual - Lifehouse tracks an enormous amount of data which helps formulate an Informed Care Plan (ICP). We have partnered with the University of Calgary and SAIT to ultilize the valuable data collected to contribute to research. Research data guides our therapeutic services and increases the quality of our care.

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