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March 9, 2017 / In Caregiver Support / By Nadia Almaleh


28 Feb, 2017

Although we collectively ‘celebrate’ valentine’s day on Feb 14th, my dad’s home decided to celebrate a few days early with a family music night. Our daughter, who is 15, played guitar alongside the music therapist. The leisure therapist handed out song books she had made up, and people requested their favourite songs. Some were improvised, some were better known. But for the first time during the winter months, everyone at my dad’s home, all 20 people, came together with their relatives & friends to sing oldies, songs of love, and songs of happiness. What an awesome experience for everyone present.

Another Valentine’s idea that sparked from my neighbour who has battled and beaten down cancer 2 times in the last 4 years. She had the idea to have her daughter’s local cheer squad of 10-14 year old girls make personalized home made Valentine’s day cards for everyone living with my dad. The smiles on people’s faces when they received their “first Valentine” of 2017; was incredible.

The place where my dad lives is open, caring, honest and inclusive. These qualities invite community and family members to engage. If there is one thing I’ve learned this year, it’s that all living people care. They really do. So, care to take the time to walk through the doors of a home where people are living with dementia. You will experience a range of authentic emotions including gratitude, joy, sorrow, confusion, delight and everything will be 100% real. You will receive as much as you give.

Thanks to our Friend Carolyn Duckworth with Care2Care.

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