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12 Nov, 2016

Me loving him, sometimes, it isn’t enough.

When my dad doesn’t know who I am, I know he loves, and he knows I love him.

When I can’t get there to see him, does he know I love him? Does he know I think about him, wondering how his day has been?

It might be that a loving community is the next best thing to singular love.

There are 10 people living on my dad’s floor. Every visit, I seek to spend time with three others who also live on his floor. It’s not because I have to, it’s because I know them, and I know their families. I know what it means to their daughters, sons, nephews, and nieces that someone has visited and chatted and helped straighten their sweater on the back of a chair.

This act of visiting others is not completely altruistic-

I personally get so much out of my visits with these fabulous women.

And, it is intentional time spent to also help my peers, who may not be able to visit this week. I know they do the same when they visit. The community of “Bryan’s visitors”, is now four times higher than it would have been if he lived anywhere else.

Knowing who lives on my dad’s floor, and who those family members are, hasn’t been an accident. The place my dad lives hosts all family meetings every quarter, and through these meetings, we all know and care about one another. At the very least, we are in the same boat, and support one another through this difficult, progressive disease.

For anyone seeking a new home for someone you love, consider the impact of community:

Who else lives at the new home and on the floor you’re considering?

Do families interact with one another through the home?

How open is the home to sharing your name with other families?

How often do people visit? Take a look at the log book (if you can).

Thanks to our Friend Carolyn Duckworth with Care2Care.

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